High Fender Kit FAQ's

Why are you not including the fender?

Simply, I do not have storage for a bulk order of fenders. Additionally, it is cheaper for both of us to place orders with a 3rd party like AOMC or KTM World. You could also use other fenders, by using the universal* adapter plate.

Is it possible to keep the OEM Beak?

I have tested every possible configuration, but unfortunately a fender cannot be installed low enough to incorporate the OEM beak. Any lower with the fender would allow for the wheel, when fully compressed, to impact the fender. It is possible to create a makeshift fender that would be the back half only to protect the radiators. However, this has not been tested.

Why 3D spacers?

My development of my custom components really revolved around the use of my 3D printer, and I wanted to bring a little of that into the mix. These spacers have been tested during 2 of my Rally Races and have proven themselves capable for the task. Also, this makes the kit price a lot cheaper.

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