Rally Build

Rally Build

2020 Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro

My Rally Build was put to the test last year with back to back Rallies in Mexico: Baja 6-day Rally and the Sonora Rally.

After a head-on collision that totaled my bike, I bought back the Tiger 900 with the aim to turn it into a true ‘Rally’ Pro. With limited aftermarket availability, I had to either make my own custom parts or work with custom shops.

Throughout the next year, it was a dedicated process of research and development in my backyard. I started simple - just cutting and bending aluminum - but finished advanced, with 3D design, 3D printed prototypes, and outsourced manufacturers.

The long wait on custom orders, and constant design revisions, was well worth the wait. Without getting deeper into the details, here are the key modifications, providers, and personal reasoning.

Note: None of this build was sponsored.

Custom Wheels

Racing wise, I needed better tire options and the ability to run bib mousses. This required tube-type wheels and to increase the stock rear wheel from 17” to an 18”x2.5 wheel. The larger, thinner, rear wheel opened up multiple tire options and had deeper bite in the sand. This required custom hubs for both front and rear. This also brought in a few pounds of weight saving too.

Provider: Woody’s Wheel Works

Aftermarket Suspension

Triumph did a good job for stock suspension, however I need to do things beyond stock. Shopping for a suspension can be quite daunting, and I will admit that I am not the most knowledgeable in that department. I decided on doing some drop in’s for the front, and a full swap in the rear. TracTive Suspension’s X-Treme has fit the bill for me, weighted to me and my racing style. Dial in your suspension, that’s the real trick in the end. But these have served me well so far!

Provider: TracTive Suspension

Rally Tower

Yes you can easily mount a roll-chart to the handlebars, but that’s the easy route and not as convenient for full Rally. Other than that, there were no options available. The nuances to building a rally tower, and all the ancillary components, took months of failure and redesign. But the end product has taken me through multiple races, and crashes, without fail. Need one?

Provider: Custom Built - Asphalt & Beyond

High Fender

I have torn off multiple low fenders due to mud. When the fender is gone, you can tangle up the brake line and crash. Multi-day races cannot afford for this, should I even be able to walk away. After several redesigns, I figured out the best way to mount a secure fender to the forks. This was my first custom project and is now ready to enable others to tackle anything the trails throw at them.

Provider: Available Now - Asphalt & Beyond

Tail Tidy

Weight savings and knee savings. I did not have a need for the rear grab bars and learned how much extra weight this put on the bike (nearly 10lbs). On top of dropping a decent amount of weight, the styling and clean lines on the rear make it look like a true dirt bike - albeit twice the weight. I have learned a few modifications to incorporate for the final commercial offering.

Provider: Coming Soon - Asphalt & Beyond


Free Spirts Header - Lighter, bit more power, amazing sound.

Scorpion Slip-On Exhaust - Weight savings was all I was after.

Outback Motortek - Solid skid plate and lower engine guards, a must have.

Barkbuster Handguards - You’re gonna drop, invest in these.

Antigravity AZT10 Battery - Weight savings, reliable.

Evans Powersport Coolant - The desert is hot, OEM coolant cant survive.

Motogadget m-Blaze signals - Turn & Brake. Low profile - crash ‘safe’

Pillion Seat Lock Delete - Custom made, sand jams the keyhole.

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