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Tiger 900 Pre-filter

Tiger 900 Pre-filter

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Pre-filters introduce a new line of defense against the elements that can clog your air filter or, worse, make it beyond the OEM air filter and into the engine itself. Our races in the desert have seen the OEM airbox filled with sand, and beyond the air filter. This pre-filter greatly reduces the risk.

Our pre-filter replaces the OEM Air Intake without reducing the intake air volume. A custom UNI filter is fitted, which is the 65-PPI Green Foam. When oiled, debris will be caught within the filter and reduce the chance of making it to the air filter.

Looking to actively swap filters? Select the 'Kit +1 additional filter' option for an extra custom UNI filter (2 filters with 1 cage assembly).

What's in the box?

  • 1 - Pre-filter cage assembly
    • 3D printed thermoplastic polyurethane
  • 1 - Custom filter (delivered unoiled, filter oil is not provided)
    • 65-PPI Green Foam 5/8" thickness
  • Installation instructions

Compatibility notes:

  • Fits all 2020+ Tiger 900 and 850 models
    • Confirmed compatibility with 2024+ models.

Kit does not include:

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